Writing, content development and consulting services

At every stage of the writing and content content development process—from needs analysis through messaging development, writing and production—I offer the fresh perspective of an outsider along with implementation skills that augment internal resources.

Who I am

For over 25 years, I've written marketing materials and online content for clients that drives business results.

Chris Carroll

Freelance writer & editor


I provide strategic and unbiased thinking about marketing challenges that combines nearly 35 years of industry experience with an objective perspective.

Best practices

All marketing programs rely on the writing function, and I work with clients to efficiently create marketing content that leverage best practices.

Why me?

Whatever content you need, I’ve probably created something like it before. I can help you efficiently and consistently create high-quality content.

Content definition

I perform all the writing and editing services companies need to create compelling content. I work closely with clients to refine corporate and product messaging so we can clearly define content requirements upfront. This pragmatic approach to content development best leverages management time, ensures accountability and reduces overall program costs.

Writing expertise

I’ve been a freelance writer and consultant since 1992, after years of corporate and agency experience. I complement internal content development resources and accelerate writing and editing cycles by offloading content development responsibilities from executives who lack the time to internally create collateral and online content.

Flexible model

I offer a flexible engagement model and am available on either a project or retainer basis with discounts provided for long-term relationships. Clients range from nascent incubator companies through early stage companies and established industry leaders.

Single-source supplier

I provide the writing services that drive marketing programs and allow clients to react nimbly to shifting market dynamics. I also carefully coordinate with web developers, design firms, and public relations agencies to increase operational efficiency.

My methodology

1I offer a proven and disciplined methodology for strategic messaging and content development based on best practices honed over years of experience for consistent and efficient and consistent delivery of results. I help clients define and document content requirements and I provide a detailed working schedule for content development.

2Standardized workflows allow me to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently while driving down costs and making efficient use of client resources and time.

3I clearly define the scope of work and the marketing objectives and implement a disciplined approach for developing the content. Years of focused experience allow me to provide a clear and efficient process for each program based on a methodology built on the following principles:

  • Clear-Cut Deliverables: Objectives and measurement metrics are defined upfront and timetables are developed based on aggressive but realistic schedules.
  • Feedback: Direct, immediate and constructive feedback is provided on all client messaging, program and marketing issues.
  • Scope of Work: Explicit deliverables are defined with clear definitions of roles and responsibilities.
  • Incremental Steps: Major programs have intermediate milestones to ensure that work stays on track. For example, an outline is provided for review before first draft of each major document, and product launches have regularly scheduled review sessions.
  • Conflict Resolution: Positioning disconnects or disputes are quickly identified, addressed and if necessary escalated so that major issues are driven to closure before they impact schedules and budgets.
  • Project Integration: Handoffs to designers, web firms, advertising agencies, exhibit companies and public relations firms are managed efficiently. Disconnects are avoided because I develop master schedules for major campaigns that include not only writing and editing time but also any required production time.
  • Project Monitoring: I deliver detailed schedules for each project, and process maps are provided for more complex projects so you benefit from at-a-glance status monitoring and accountability measurement.
  • Process Control: I streamline all processes by working directly with subject matter experts for message development and content creation. I also collaborate directly with other marketing firms and consultants engaged by my clients to accelerate throughput, streamline management time and ensure consistent message delivery.
  • Contingency Management: I highlight dependencies so you can manage the impact of any delays imposed on message development or content creation.
  • Fresh Ideas: I monitor market trends and proactively provide new content ideas for client consideration.
  • Re-Purposing: I re-purpose approved content at every opportunity so you gain maximum return on investment for content development. For example, when I draft a whitepaper I’ll suggest opportunities for transforming that content into blogs, web copy or articles.

Writing services

  • Website copy
  • Website architecture
  • Web program management
  • Website hosting evals
  • Blogs
  • Social media content
  • Online ads
  • Tweets

  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Sales materials
  • Brochures
  • Datasheets
  • Solutions briefs
  • Magazine articles

  • Technical papers
  • Print ads
  • Press releases
  • Speeches
  • Video scripts
  • PowerPoint scripts
  • Annual reports
  • Business plans