The following quotes offer a perspective on the services I provide. Click on any name to find out what present and former customers have to say about my services. Writing for companies often requires the ability to work closely with their web development firms, business consultants, public relations/advertising agencies and designers, so scan further below for a perspective on how I can work closely with your extended marketing team to deliver the results you demand. And if you’d like to discuss any of my engagements with these companies, please contact me.


I’ve worked with Chris on numerous whitepapers. He has exceptional ability to understand a new technology quickly and describe it clearly and intuitively. He is very responsible and reliable, which makes for a terrific working relationship. I’ve worked with many writers in my career, and Chris is one of the best.
Chris has a unique ability to ask the right question at the right time to drill into the key messaging requirements. We needed help articulating our unique service offering and with Chris’ help we successfully re-launched our website. Chris worked intensely with us to quickly develop a short and long version of our business model and he helped us clarify our sales and marketing messages so we could communicate our unique value add. Chris did an exceptional job of clearly conveying our key messages.
I engaged Chris to write a half dozen Sales Playbooks for Dimension Data’s data center services. These complicated documents highlight the value proposition and the strengths and weaknesses of these solutions to prepare Dimension Data’s global workforce to aggressively sell these high-value solutions. Chris worked closely with me and with Dimension Data worldwide sales, marketing, and technology experts to write and edit these 10-12 page documents and provide Dimension Data with the tools necessary for qualifying and closing business. I heartily recommend Chris for writing complex technical documents and for working closely with large companies to implement successful sales collateral programs.
When we were preparing to launch a new family of products, we hired Chris to re-write our Web site to clearly articulate and communicate our unique value to the market. He worked very closely with a small marketing team under tight timelines to create a new Web site with compelling content. I’ve worked with Chris for many years and continue to engage his services because I know he will help my organization efficiently develop clear content that sells our corporate and product messages.
When we were preparing to launch a new family of products, we hired Chris to re-write our Web site to clearly articulate and communicate our unique value to the market. He worked very closely with a small marketing team under tight timelines to create a new Web site with compelling content. I’ve worked with Chris for many years and continue to engage his services because I know he will help my organization efficiently develop clear content that sells our corporate and product messages.
Chris has been a true partner in Skytap’s editorial efforts. Together we have worked on several projects that have expanded our company’s content library. From white papers to blogs, Chris knows how to work with technical subject matter and get the most from his stakeholders—he even helped us get our CEO’s blogging plan off the ground. Chris is organized, asks great clarifying questions and puts together comprehensive content plans with fresh ideas. We plan to work with Chris on many future projects.
I first hired Chris Carroll in 4Q13 to augment our PR efforts. He came highly recommended and is expertly skilled at public relations, distribution and content strategy. Chris operates at the highest efficiency and is astute at offering relevant tech PR advice. His marketplace observations and timeliness enabled us to run a very targeted PR campaign and generate engagement results over the course of 9 months. I highly recommend Chris Carroll’s strategy and writing services.
Chris Carroll effectively bridged the worlds of web and collateral for IBM. He partnered with our Industry experts to interview and write business and technical content in an easy-to-understand manner. He turned this content into whitepapers, articles and best-practices web pages. Chris was part of the Industry web and content team that delivered 66% of all Industry marketing responses.
I have brought in Chris to write multiple projects at two different companies. Using his deep understanding of the industry, he helped us deliver brochures that communicated a complex value proposition with great clarity. Chris is a terrific writer who has a great marketing sense. He is a great asset to our team.
I’ve outsourced content development to Carroll & Associates several times over the past dozen years because I know I’ll get well-written case studies, websites, brochures or other content that accurately reflects my marketing goals and key messages. I know I can trust Chris to interview my largest and most important customers and work directly with my senior management to create effective marketing materials.
When I needed to reposition, rename and rebrand the company in a hurry, Chris provided the web site writing and information architecture support I needed to expedite the process. He worked closely with my team to quickly write the web site content and ensure there were no mistakes with the implementation.
We needed to quickly create print and web collateral to launch an exciting new initiative to immediately address a high-growth market opportunity. Chris worked intensely with us to quickly develop a whitepaper, brochure, web copy and vertical market briefs that accelerated our sales and marketing efforts and helped us articulate the unique value of our new security solution for consumer authentication. Chris did an exceptional job of clearly articulating and even enhancing our message and solution strategy.
I sit on the board of advisors for many startups, and Chris adds tremendous value when these companies hire him as a key element of their marketing programs. He helps them refine their messaging and execute a wide range of marketing programs based on their needs. He is a multifaceted writer who can jump from strategy to tactics and from copy development to website architecture with the utmost respect for budgets and deadlines.
Chris is the best overall marketing communications person and writer I have had the privilege to work with. You set the direction and strategy collaboratively with Chris (you want his strategy input) and then he effectively owns his deliverables from there. You never chase Chris for ANYTHING. Chris is the ultimate in high-value, low maintenance team members. Has been a key members in my mix of marketing communication resources.”
I’ve worked with Chris on a number of web projects, both through mutual clients and have hired him directly, and have always found him to be a gifted writer, serious professional and a trusted resource. I would highly recommend him as an expert in his field and would work with him again anytime.
Dan Haley, President and CEO of Astrum Software and BEZ Software
Chris played a key role in building the brand and driving home marketing messages for both PRI and RAScom. He has helped me at both companies and worked well with internal staff to develop the content that clearly articulated our key messages.
Chris Carroll was invaluable to Internet Photonics in helping us get our ambitious ideas and value propositions clearly laid out for the world to see. His experience in knowing what works was critical as we laid out our storyboard, especially when it came to structuring and developing our web content.
Chris Carroll’s contributions to the success of RiverDelta Networks and its integration into Motorola went well beyond technical writing. Chris helped us take technical specifications and turn them into powerful marketing materials for product collateral, trade magazine articles, whitepapers and website content. Chris also defined and managed aggressive implementation schedules to ensure the timely introduction of all materials. Most important, he worked as a marketing communications consultant and provided excellent guidance on all aspects of our marketing communications plan
I’ve worked with Chris Carroll on several projects over the years and none were as time sensitive and fluid as the launch of new higher education vertical solutions materials. Chris wrote and edited a number of solutions briefs and a brochure in less than a month while corporate messaging was continuously evolving. His patience, flexibility and technology and industry expertise were crucial to meeting such a tight deadline.
Chris Carroll has worked with Progress Software for over 5 years, providing a wide range of marketing communications services. He is the ultimate professional—deadline-driven, a quick study and a polished writer. When Chris is on the job, I have no worries. I know he will take excellent care when interviewing my customers, and he delivers turnkey service for review, revision and final product. A pleasure to work with, Chris has earned his reputation for quality work and quick turnaround.
In Chris Carroll, we found that perfect blend of easygoing style and crisp methodology—exactly what PT needed to re-architect our website for optimum effectiveness. He quickly conceptualized the end product and created a game plan to guide the team along each step. I consider Chris a key resource in my marketing group.
We needed a complete re-write of our entire website to support a more focused marketing effort and new brand. I’ve been involved with developing lots of sites in the past and have used different methodologies but Chris’s vision and approach was world class and resulted in one of the best experiences I’ve had. We met our launch goals, came in on budget and most importantly our site has seen continuous growth since launch and the core messages and layout have been exceptionally well received by all users. I’d highly recommend working with Chris on any writing project!
AccountAbility specializes in delivering high quality accounting services. When it came time to focus on marketing and technical writing, we needed an expert and engaged Chris Carroll to write our website copy and launch a monthly newsletter outreach program. Chris was instrumental in helping us articulate our marketing message and he clearly defined our message to the market.
Chris has the unique ability to quickly internalize messaging and turn out high-quality content that hits the mark with target audiences. Chris is a great resource who I’ve relied on again and again over the years.
Chris Carroll is that rare communications professional who combines outstanding multidimensional skills with pragmatic experience and street smarts. As a result, our projects with Chris always yield highly positive and extremely effective market results.
Chris has helped us dramatically increase the output and quality of technical marketing content by working with senior management, engineers and myself to develop whitepapers, brochures, web content and show papers that demonstrate our technical leadership. He has been able to efficiently use our time while producing high-grade materials that help us maintain our technical leadership position.
Chinook could not have been happier with the marketing assistance we’ve received from Chris Carroll. His enthusiasm, creativity and commitment helped us a great deal. He took the time needed to really learn our business and created a customized marketing plan that included press releases, web site development, white papers and product introduction plans. Chris excels at being a partner to start-ups.
I have worked with Chris Carroll for over 10 years and through the years have commissioned him to write and manage a broad range of projects covering many different technologies. He has always delivered first-class results on schedule with minimal oversight. His understanding of the written word, his knowledge of technology, his sense of urgency and his composed approach make it a pleasure to work with him.
Chris Carroll brings focus and process to marketing programs. He brings out the best in marketing staff at all levels and works closely with executives to develop clear messaging and consistent and compelling marketing content.
I’ve hired Chris to support a spectrum of marketing initiatives ranging from vertical industry programs to major launches through ongoing web content management. He brings a structured approach to defining content requirements and is extremely efficient at writing the materials as well as working the approval cycles to ensure quick delivery of solid content. Chris’ understanding of program and production requirements is a great added value to his comprehensive writing skills.
Chris and I have worked together on high-stakes product launches for several companies and he not only helps marketing develop and hone key messages but he also efficiently creates the various copy needed to sell the product to the market.
We engaged Chris to support our repositioning efforts and help Kavado swiftly develop focused, clear and hard-hitting marketing collateral for print and the Web. He served as a key member of our extended marketing team and worked with my staff and our design, Web and PR firms to help us communicate the unique value of Kavado Web application security solutions.
Chris has worked with Tekelec on a number of projects that range from writing articles for trade publications to articulating strategic vision. Chris combines the ability to quickly digest and analyze technical content with impressive writing skills, which enables him to move projects from concept to final product very quickly and professionally. Working with Chris is a pleasure.
Chris was a tremendous asset in helping us create our very first brand advertisement. While he was contracted to create copy for the ad, his contribution to the overall concept and its development was invaluable. Under stringent launch deadlines, such independent and creative thinking outside of the marketing team was a godsend.
Cedar Point hired Chris to write a partnership white paper that explained perspectives of using PacketCable QoS to deliver carrier-class telephony services. Chris worked with Cedar Point and Motorola to develop a paper that articulated the various options on this topic. One of Chris’s real attributes was his ability to make sure that the needs of both partners were fairly and accurately represented. He worked seamlessly with our teams and kept everyone on schedule.
We needed to quickly refine the positioning for BSI and I hired Chris to help us develop and implement our Web strategy. He not only helped us articulate our positioning, but he developed the information architecture, wrote the copy and served as project manager. He worked closely with the BSI technical and marketing team and with external suppliers to successfully drive the program to completion on time and on budget.
The process of spinning out Headwall Photonics from a large technology company required an extensive marketing effort to formulate and establish a market presence based on our new corporate identity. Chris Carroll provided the consulting services that helped me develop the programs and allocate my marketing budget to quickly and efficiently build brand awareness within our target markets; his experience proved extremely valuable.
When you are creating a new website, the usual stumbling block to completing the project is the copy. Chris was able to capture the important messages we wanted to communicate and deliver copy that was consistent and written to our diverse audience. He did it on time and on budget. Writing copy doesn’t have to be painful, just ask Chris.
I have worked with Chris through many startups and he has always been able to help me decipher technical content and effectively create marketing collateral and positioning material required to launch products. He has worked with me both on inbound and outbound material from press articles to customer stories to product literature and campaigns. Most recently he was instrumental in helping me create a new industry category of intelligent storage networking by streamlining white papers and turning them into bylined articles. He also provided support and advice on multiple marketing initiatives to help us strengthen our position in the market.
Chris developed and implemented marketing programs from the initial product launch through IPO that helped us communicate the messages that differentiated our family of software quality tools. He established the marketing department for Segue Software and even managed the staff until he helped us recruit a marketing VP. Chris developed the programs and wrote the materials that helped us gain mindshare and put us on a trajectory that led to a successful IPO.
We’ve worked with Chris Carroll to develop whitepapers and data sheets that explain the advantages of our technology. He’s worked closely with our product managers to help us efficiently create focused marketing materials.

Web Development Firms

Carroll and Associates has been a reliable Miller Systems partner for many years. We continually go to Chris to assist our clients with their content development; when we work together, projects get done on time, on target and on budget, with a level of quality and attention to detail that we hardly ever see elsewhere. If we had Chris working on all of our projects, we’d never have a schedule slip. We heartily endorse Carroll and Associates.
Chris understands website information architectures and creates easy-to-read web content that leverages the strengths of the web for communicating marketing messages. Having such extensive experience with technology companies, Chris knows better than anyone how to simplify a complex, highly technical message. He works closely with design, production and tech support engineers to help companies harness the power of the web to reach their markets.
We’ve worked with Chris on numerous projects and all have gone smoothly, finished on time and yielded fantastic results for the client. Chris brings a level of technical understanding to the table that takes much of the burden of complex content development and messaging off the client’s internal marketing department.


I’ve worked with Chris on projects for several shared clients, and he appreciates the importance of design and helps companies develop hard-hitting materials that read well and deliver the impact they need to build their brand and market their solutions.
Working with Chris is a great reward. He can masterfully articulate technical information as easily as he can describe a client’s marketing vision. His unique ability to envision both sides of a client’s requirements has always allowed us to further our presentations in an image-building, strategic and comprehensive manner—creating the ultimate value add.

Business Consultants

As I was breaking new ground with innovative vertical marketing programs for Wellfleet and then Bay Networks, I continuously engaged Chris to work with my department to develop testimonials, brochures, advertorials, and other focused content that translated the value of our networking technology into the language of vertical markets such as state and local government, health care, utilities, education, transportation, retail and financial services. He created content that drove our marketing programs and built our brand presence in target industries. The Wellfleet sales organization officially recognized us as the group making the biggest contribution to Wellfleet’s rapid revenue growth. Chris was a key contributor to that recognition
Chris does an excellent job of understanding the key points of your message and turning them into clear and interesting prose. He also brings overall marketing expertise to the discussion, so projects are put in the context of a logical strategy and action plan.

PR and Advertising Firms

Chris Carroll understands the writing demands of aggressive PR programs that create market awareness and influence the industry. His content development services can provide an engine for delivering messages to the market and presenting a well-defined point of view in press releases, case studies, magazine articles, web, collateral and advertising campaigns.
I’ve worked with Chris for years helping several shared clients, and he understand how to develop quality marketing materials. He generally gets it right the first time, helping clients to efficiently communicate their corporate and product messages to the market.
Chris Carroll is the ideal partner for any company or agency that needs a senior professional writer who has deep understanding of technology and all facets of the sales and marketing process. Working with Chris means that your project will be delivered on time, on budget and on message. Regardless of the complexity of the technology or message, his writing style is crisp, concise, clear and high impact. He can develop copy for a broad range of marketing programs — press releases, white papers, Web sites, brochures, case studies, and more. He is the gold standard.
Chris understands the writing requirements for integrated marketing programs and develops copy that helps companies create positive impressions, build brands and sell products. Whether you need web content, whitepapers, brochures or interactive advertising, Chris will work closely with you to develop content that makes you stand out in the market.
Chris understands the writing requirements of the public relations process, and he helps software companies articulate the value of their solutions so they can build their brands and successfully communicate key corporate and product messages to the market.
There’s tremendous piece of mind that comes with working with an individual who firmly understands the objectives and how to accomplish them. Chris Carroll and I have worked together with multiple clients, and I’m always impressed by the skills, the discipline and the teamwork orientation that he brings to the table.