Quit Yahoo—I Dare You!

In Blog by chris@chriscarroll.com

When great tech companies decline, they’re typically acquired before they make their products unusable and their service laughable. But Yahoo has turned out to be the exception that proves the rule.

Its products aren’t upgraded, and many of its better products such its tech site are suddenly eliminated. I was an early adopter of Yahoo and have hung in way too long, but the recent two customer information violations motivated me to finally give up. But Yahoo wouldn’t let me…

I tried to close my account, but its account termination process is either too riddled with technology problems to function or was intentionally made to be too difficult to use to minimize churn. I went through its account termination process three times before giving up this morning.

In truth, I only use Yahoo now for its My Yahoo customizable news portal, which has been a pretty good but totally stagnant product. Still, there’s no worthwhile competitor since iGoogle was discontinued. It allows Yahoo to provide eyeballs to support advertisers, and it lets customers tailor their news feeds to stay on top of the subjects that interests them.

I’m determined to close out the account, and will do so this weekend when I have time to figure out how to overcome Yahoo’s insanely designed account termination process. After all, I’m sure there is a solution, Yahoo just makes it pretty hard to figure out. And I’ll replace My Yahoo newsfeeds with another service after I do a little research.

But I’ll never use another Yahoo-branded product, and I hope Verizon buries the brand, which is the smart play. And I’ll remember to enjoy the glory days of tech companies because they don’t last forever, and I’ll make sure I jump ship faster when dealing with a tech company when their product development and customer support is obviously declining.