Content is all About Process

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Content development is all about process management. The ability to design and implement a repeatable process and ensure the quality and timeliness of the deliverable requires a best practices approach and the consistent enforcement of standard procedures

This became very clear during the presentation of the Academy Awards Best Picture awarded when a befuddled Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway read the wrong card and mistakenly presented the award to La La Land instead of Moonlight. This highly visible mistake was more surprising because it apparently was caused by a process management error by Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC), a legendary accounting and consulting firm that famously focuses on process management within its consulting practice.

The content of the awards show required timely and accurate presentation of the correct award, and a careless error during crunch time left PwC embarrassed by the shortcomings of a relatively simple and repeatable process. Failure to define, map, test and enforce a repeatable process drove a legendary consulting firm into a major global embarrassment. People are the core of every business process, and a single careless and unchecked human  error late in a process led to unnecessary embarrassment and a serious hit to PwC  brand credibility from which the firm may never recover. Adherence to business processes requires making the commitment to rigidly implement each step, no matter how boring or rudimentary.

My point is this: developing content requires a strict commitment to clearly defined processes to avoid embarrassing errors and ensure the quality and timeliness of the project. When you’re contracting with a professional writer, it is in your interest to determine the process and workflows that will be used so you can select a writer who can help you meet your content development goals. I worked for Motorola for five years and was trained in process and quality management, and apply proven process management methodologies to deliver results. For more information on my practice, please check out my bio.