Are PowerPoint Scripts Worth The Effort?

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Many of my clients have asked me to write scripts for corporate and product PowerPoint presentations so that organizations can present their messaging consistently. By adding content to the notes field in a PowerPoint file, you can arm the presenter with ancillary information and ensure a more consistent presentation of standard slide shows across departments and regions.

Or you can waste time and money building slideware that presenters will ignore. Some clients have asked me to record an executive giving the presentation and in effect jot down a script with the goal of creating an army of replicants who will give the exact same presentation over and over again. The problem is, it never works that way. Presenters resent being given a strict narrative to work from, and the script only lasts a few months before it’s completely ignored.

Narrative PowerPoint scripts aren’t worth the effort or the cost; but writing helpful notes with complimentary anecdotes, useful market data and supporting technical information is always welcome by presenters. Bulleted copy is always preferred to paragraphs of explanatory text, and copy that repeats what’s on the slide winds up losing the presenters altogether.

If you’re trying to launch a new product, train a sales or support organization, or develop a standard presentation for a product or solution, consider adding PowerPoint notes but make sure they’re simple, conversational, and complementary to the content on the slides. Keep them brief, and add hyperlinks where presenters can easily access additional information. They’ll welcome the speaker notes and you’ll quickly develop a team of presenters that are consistently delivering corporate and product messages to the desired audience.